Jesus & Isaac

In this sermon we review the flow of Genesis and the life of Abraham. Then we work through God calling Abraham to sacrifice his son in Genesis 22. We end by pointing out 5 ways we see Jesus in this chapter. Listen in as we see that Jesus really is the true and greater Isaac, who really was sacrificed for His people.

Jesus in the Flood

In this sermon we look back at the Flood in Genesis 6. What was the reason for and the nature of the Flood? How do we see Jesus in the Flood? What is the significance of the Ark? We tackle the tough subject of sin and judgment, and then we find relief in God’s grace as we see what the Ark teaches us about Jesus.

Jesus in Eden

In this sermon we discuss the identity of the Angel of the Lord and just who it was walking and talking in the garden with Adam and Eve after the Fall. We see that He is there to rescue and not to condemn them. We examine the first proclamation of the gospel and the first sacrifice to cover His people. Are you still wearing fig leaves? Read Genesis 3:1-24 and listen in as we find that it was Jesus in Eden.